Are you looking for help in one of your classes? These are the steps you should take: 

1) Speak with your teacher! Your teacher needs to know that you want more help. If you have a hard time talking to them in class (sometimes it can be difficult to speak up when you need help), you can always send them an email asking when they could help you. The link to all teacher emails is at the top of the page here. Ask your teacher if they have tutoring time or if they know a student who could tutor you. They may also recommend tutoring being offered by another teacher. Be open to all suggestions. 

2) Speak to your friends in class! Form a study group to help each other. 

3) We have an academic coach, Ms. Urbanak, in the media center. She can offer some tips and resources for testing or study habits and can tutor in nearly any subject area. Stop by during lunch to see her or email her at [email protected] 

4) Check out the math tutoring being offered by Mu Alpha Theta HERE!

5) We have some teachers offering free tutoring outside of school hours. Contact them directly or reach out to Mr. Bradham, our curriculum AP, at [email protected] or find him in the main atrium during lunch (ask any administrator where he is and they can call him on a radio). Here are the teachers you can contact in addition to your own: 

The most important thing is that you get the ball rolling by asking for help!