Frequently asked Questions


 Q: How does the cancellation of state assessments impact students?

      A: The answer will vary based on students’ placement within their educational journey. ? 

  • Current seniors: If a senior is expected to graduate in spring 2020 and has not met the exit criteria for Algebra I EOC and/or Grade 10 ELA FSA, or earned a concordant score, this criteria will be waived. However, students still must earn the necessary credits and meet the GPA requirements to graduate. ? 
  • Non-seniors: The Department is waiving the requirement for non-senior students who are currently enrolled in a course that requires an EOC to take the associated EOC. However, non-seniors who have yet to pass the Grade 10 FSA ELA must still meet the exit criteria by passing that assessment during a future administration or earning a concordant score. Though non-senior students enrolled in the EOC course of Algebra 1 are not required to take the Algebra 1 EOC, they must still meet the mathematics assessment graduation requirement by either passing the Algebra 1 EOC (offered four times each year) during a future administration, earning a concordant score, or passing the Geometry EOC during a future administration. ?  
  • 30% for final grade: For students currently enrolled in courses that include a statewide EOC to be factored into the student’s grade, this requirement will be waived. Districts have the discretion to determine whether district-developed EOC assessments are necessary for these courses for the 2019-2020 school year.

Q: Does this include PERT testing

      A: Yes as of now PERT testing has also been canceled. PERT testing at DSC has also been suspended as well. 


Please contact our testing coordinator, Mr. Tom Bennett, with any questions about testing. He can be reached at 386-322-6272 extension 37791 or [email protected] You can also contact your student's guidance counselor with questions about graduation requirements related to testing. 


Spruce Creek High School

Spring Testing Schedule and Locations 2020

*All remaining State and District testing has been cancelled for the

remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Highlighed tests were effected 

1/27-3/20 – ELL Testing Window

2/10-2/13 – PERT (Concordant Scores) – Media

2/25-2/27 – ACT NCR (11th & 12th Concordant Scores) – Media

3/2/19 – FSA Reading/Writing Retakes Day 1 (3 Day Test) – Media

3/3/19 – FSA Reading/Writing Retakes Day 2 – Media

3/4/19 – FSA Reading/Writing Retakes Day 3 – Media

 3/5/19 – Alg1 EOC Day 1 (2 Day Test)– Media

3/6/19 – Alg 1 EOC Day 2 – Media

3/9-3/12 – Make-up window – Media

4/1/19 – FSA 9th Grade Writing – Media and Gym

4/2/19 – FSA 10th Grade Writing – Media and Gym

4/14/19 – SAT School Day 11th Grade (ALL) – Classrooms

4/15-4/17 – PERT (Concordant) – Media Center

5/4/19 – FSA 9th Grade Reading Day 1 – Media and Gym

5/5/19 – FSA 9th grade Reading Day 2 – Media and Gym

5/6/19 – FSA 10th Grade Reading Day 1 – Media and Gym

5/7/19 – FSA 10th Grade Reading Day 2 – Media and Gym

5/8/19 – Biology EOC – Media and Gym

5/11/19 – US History EOC – Media and Gym

5/12/19 – Geometry EOC Day 1 – Media and Gym

5/13/19 – Geometry EOC Day 2 – Media and Gym

5/14/19 – Algebra 1 EOC Day 1 – Medi and Gym

5/15/19 – Algebra 1 EOC Day 2 – Media and Gym

5/18 – 5/28 – Make-up Window  - Media