Check Your School Email Regularly for Testing Information!

All students are asked to regularly check their school email. You will receive specific information about tests you need to take sent directly to your email with instructions about when and where to report. Volusia Live and VOL students will also check their Volusia County email for directions. 

Frequently asked Questions

Covid-19 Testing Rules

Until further notice we will be following State and District guidelines for testing to reduce the amount of exposure of one student to another.

  • All students must be wearing a face covering to enter the testing rooms
  • All Students must apply hand sanatizer before getting their computer
  • Seating will be spaced out at a minimum of 6' between each seat
  • Once seated students may remove their face covering if they choose to ONLY if there is sufficient space between testers
  • If a student must stand for any reason they must put their face covering back on
  • Students are not allowed to congregate inside the testing rooms before or after the test


Please contact our testing coordinator, Mr. Richard Beatty, with any questions about testing. He can be reached at 386-322-6272 extension 37791 or [email protected] You can also contact your student's guidance counselor with questions about graduation requirements related to testing. 


Spruce Creek High School

Testing Schedule 2020-2021

Most testing takes place in the media center. Check your school email for specifics.


What test are we giving and who needs to take them.

Algebra 1 EOC

Students may choose to not take the Alg 1 EOC and take an alternate test to receive a concordant score (see info below). Students choosing to do this are doing so with the understanding that they are responsible for making this decision and are required to fulfill all graduation requirements before the date of graduation.

  • Students who took Algebra 1 or Algebra 1B last year had the EOC waived due to the cancellation of spring testing.  The state waiver was for the 30% calculation of the final grade, not the math testing graduation requirement.  To meet this requirement students must pass the Algebra 1 EOC with a Level 3 or higher or meet one of the comparative math scores on the PSAT, SAT, ACT or PERT (only the 12th-grade cohort is eligible to use PERT). 
  • Students may now use the Geometry EOC to fulfill the Alg 1 EOC graduation requirement.
  • Math Concordant score testing schedule:
    • PERT 97 on Math only (Seniors Only)
    • SAT School Day 420 on Math only (Seniors only) 9/23
    • ACT NCR 16 on Math only (Seniors Only) 10/7
    • PSAT 430 on Math only(all 10th and some 11th who pay to take it) 10/14
    • SAT School Day 420 on Math only (Juniors Only) April 2021
    • Geometry EOC 3 or higher May 2021
    • Any weekend administration of the SAT or ACT – go to their websites for schedules and fee information
    • There will be 4 testing administrations of the Alg 1 EOC. September, December, and March. The May administration should be for students who are enrolled in Algebra 1 this current school year.
    • VOL or Volusia Live students will be able to test on campus. Students choosing not to come onto campus due to Covid-19 will still be responsible for fulfilling all graduation requirements prior to graduation.

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FSA ELA 10 (10th Grade Language Arts)

Students who missed testing in the Spring are still required to fulfill the ELA 10 graduation requirement by taking the FSA ELA 10 and receiving a 3 or higher or by receiving a concordant score on the following test. SAT – 480 or higher on the Verbal portion, ACT – 18 average of the English and Reading Score.

  • ELA Concordant Score Testing Schedule:
    • SAT School Day 430 on verbal (score is for seniors only) 9/23
    • ACT NCR 18 average on English and Reading Seniors only 10/6-10/8
    • SAT School Day 480 on Verbal (juniors only)
    • Any weekend administration of the SAT or ACT – go to their websites for schedules and fee information
    • There will be 3 test administrations for the ELA 10. September and March. The May administration will be for students who are currently in the 10th grade this school year.
    • Students who were in 9th grade last year will not be required to make up the ELA 9.

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SAT School Day (SD)

The September administration is for Seniors or students who entered the 9th grade in the 2017/2018 school year. This is a standard SAT administartion and will count towards college admissions, scholarships, as well as concordant scores for the Alg 1 EOC and ELA 10. 

Juniors or students who entered 9th grade in the 2018/2019 school year will have the same opportunity to take te SAT SD in the Spring. 

VOL and Volusia Live students must pre-register for the test. This will assure that enough seats are reserved for these students.

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ACT NCR (non college reportable)

This test administration is for Seniors only who are in need of a concordant score for the Alg 1 EOC or the FSA ELA. This version of the ACT can not be used for college admission or scholarships. Students will be given triple the standard amount of time for each session. 

Concordant Scores needed:

Math - 16

English/Reading - 18 average (17.5 rounds up)


10/6 - English

10/7 - Math

10/8 - Reading

PSAT 8th/9th Grade

All incoming 9th graders will take the PSAT 8/9 on October 14th.  This test will be used as a benchmark to help determine areas of need. This test does not count as a concordant score for the Alg 1 EOC. The cost of this test will be covered by Vousia County Schools! 

PSAT 8/9 Parent Letter

PSAT 8/9 Parent Letter Spanish

PSAT NMSQT 10th/11th Grade

All 10th grade students will take the PSAT NMSQT. This administration will used as practice for the SAT that students will begin taking their junior year. The PSAT NMSQT will also count as a concordant score for the Alg 1 EOC. Student would need to score 430 or higher on the Math portion. This test will be paid for by Volusia County School!

11th grade student will have the opportunity to sign up for the PSAT NMSQT at a cost of 17$. 11th grade students can use this test to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship or use it as a concrodant score for the Alg 1 EOC. These students are required to cover the cost of the test. 

10th Grade PSAT Parent Letter

10th Grade PSAT Parent Letter Spanish

Testing Registrations

December 2nd and 3rd Alg 1 EOC Registration Link

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*Student who do not complete the registration question may be turned away on testing day and given an alternate make up date.