Patience and Flexibility Are Key!

As we go into our second school year with the 1:1 laptop model, we can appreciate that you will continue to need assistance with technology. This page will contain resources related to technology students may be using for classes.

Your teachers are your first line of support when you need help with technology for their class. Speak with them or reach out via email to them. Your classroom teachers are the only ones on campus who can reset your password for you. If they do not know the answer, they will refer you to Mrs. Murray in the media center for assistance. You can visit the media center between 8-4 on school days for assistance. VCS also has a helpline that you can call at 386-734-7190 extension 2500 between the hours of 7:30am-4:30pm. At the beginning of any quarter the help lines are very busy, so please be patient. Please know that when you first check out your device it is still receiving updates. It will need to be connected to the internet and restarted multiple times over the course of several days to receive updates. You also need to restart your computer daily to keep it working. Do not just close the screen, do a full shut down or restart at least once a day. When you are connecting to different wireless networks (like when you go home and come back to school) you definitely need to restart.  

vPortal- Where All of Your Tools and Resources Live!

Sudents should be logging in to vPortal to check their school email and Canvas regularly. VPortal is where all learning applications and resources are housed for Volusia County students and teachers. You access vPortal by going to the Volusia County Schools website and clicking on vPortal. 

Students login with their school email address ([email protected]) and whatever you have chosen for your password. If this is your first time accessing vPortal because you are new to Volusia County Schools, your temporary password will be your eight digit birthday (MMDDYYYY). 

If you have forgotten your password and you need assistance resetting it, you can contact any of your teachers. They all have the ability to reset your password to a temporary password. You will also notice on the login screen a button to press if you have forgotten your password. This only works if you have set recovery questions. Please click where it says "Need to register for self-service password reset" and set recovery questions if you have never done so and you will avoid having to ask one of your teachers to reset your password in the future. If you are locked out of your account or can't reach a teacher, you can contact the VCS help desk at 386-734-7190 extension 20000 to have them reset your password. Mrs. Murray is unable to reset passwords in the media center. 

Once you are inside vPortal, your instructional apps will be located on your screen. You will be using Gradebook (to see current schedule, current grades, and contact info for teachers), Office 365 (for your school email, Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint), and Canvas (for many courses this will be where lessons are housed, but all teachers will have a homepage with info about class). 

If you are missing any of these tiles or want to add anything into your vPortal, click on the + at the top of vPortal and search for the tile you need to add and press ADD. 

In addition, you will find a tile labeled Destiny that will tell you what books and equipment you have checked out, a link to the SCHS website, a link to the school counslors' website (where you can request schedule changes), and a link to the daily announcment livestream. Announcements air at the beginning of 2nd period daily, so 9:24-9:28. 

When you open Office 365, you will find Outlook (your email) and Microsoft Teams (where teachers will communicate with you). You can download any of these apps directly to a computer for free using the button that says install office. You can also access any of the apps on a phone by visiting the app store and searching for Microsoft. All of the apps are free and you login with the same login you use to access vPortal ([email protected] and whatever you have chosen for your password).

When you check your email, make sure you are looking at both FOCUSED and OTHER emails to ensure you don't miss anything!

Direct Access When VPortal is Down

If Vportal is ever down, you can access many of the programs needed with these direct links:







Teachers: (Click on the lock that says SAML under the sing in and it will do single sign-on)

Students: (Click on the lock that says SAML under the sing in and it will do single sign-on)


Office 365 and Email


Microsoft Teams (also inside Office 365 and directly on your computer with the app)



Access directly on your computer with the app or






MyPGS (Faculty and Staff)


McGraw Hill Textbooks


Savvas Textbooks


Class Zone Textbooks


HMH Textbooks


Achieve 3000


Volusia Connect/School Messenger (Administration)




School News