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Student Life

Get Involved!

At Spruce Creek High School, the only thing holding you back from finding a group to connect with is yourself! We have so many clubs, sports, and co-curricular groups available that it should not be hard to find something that meets your interests. Students who are involved and connected tend to have higher grades and are more likely to graduate on time. Most clubs have meetings during lunch to allow you to join even if you do not have transportation.

We also encourage you to participate in school events like pep rallies, dress up days, dances, attend sporting events, etc. Your high school experience will be much richer if you get involved. Listen to the announcements, follow us on social media, and look at posters around school for different opportunities.

If you need more information about any student activities or are interested in starting a new club, you can see Mr. Zablo in the Student Activities Office that is just off the main atrium. You are an important piece of the Spruce Creek High family, so let us help you to find how you connect!