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Social Studies Department

Blackburn John C-03 IB Contemporary History
Boyce Benjamin C-02 AP US History, AP World History, World History Honors
Brinkerhoff Charles C-20 Economics/US Government, US History Honors
Costner Keith C-08 Economics Hon, IB Econ 2 & 3, AP Microeconomics
Duncan Shon C-10 AP European History
Eaton Michelle G-01 AITR History Courses
Gallon Stephon C-23 AP Psychology, TOK
Graham  Nicholas P-30 AP Psychology, IB Psychology
Griffith Ryan C-09 IB History of the Americas, TOK
Hencinski Edward O-11 Coteacher with McKaig
Johnson  David O-15 AP Human Geography
McFarland Lee P-37 US Govt/Econ, US History 
McKaig Shawn O-11 World History Honors
Spradley Lamar P-08 US History
Strassel David P-07 US History & US History Honors
Walters Malcolm O-19 World History  
Wolfson Stephen C-11 AP Microeconomics, AP US Govt/Pol, UP US History, Econ Hon