Freshman Elections

Freshman Elections 2021-2022
Application Due: 8/27
Campaigning: 8/30-9/3
9/3 - SGA Officers Voting            
9/8 - SGA Officers Run-Off Voting (if needed)         
9/10 - SGA Representatives Voting
***Results will be posted by the end of the following day***

What is Student Government?

Student Government is a way for you to connect to and give back to your school while learning leadership and making great friends! We organize many of the biggest events on campus each year and regularly work with teachers and administration to support our community. 

SGA sponsored events:

• Teacher Appreciation Week
• 4-5 Blood Drives
• Assistance with Open House
• Homecoming Week
• Homecoming Dance
• Senior Week
• SGA Elections
• 8th-grade orientations/registrations
• Spruce Creek SAC Committee
• Prom (Junior Board responsibility)
• Winter Week Activities
• Mental Health Awareness Week
• Campus Advisor Appreciation
Contact the SGA Sponsors for more information! 
Mrs. Batten- [email protected]
Mrs. Bundza- [email protected]  

2021-2022 SGA Boards

Executive Officers

President Dylin Bundza
Vice President Benjamin Yim
Secretary Victoria Buenner
Treasurer Eugene Kim

Senior Officers

President Rhea Khemlani
Vice President Joy Johnson
Secretary Rani Kazma
Treasurer Ethan Alves

Junior Officers

President Jenna Lowry
Vice President Ella Moore
Secretary Taylor Appleford
Treasurer Lydia Holmes

Sophomore Officers

President Gesaria Motwani
Vice President Danielle Hurtado
Secretary Kate Thompson
Treasurer Iosaf Kegel


Abby Thumbeck

Lily Lehr
Ahmed Eldeeb Logan Krivan 
Alejandro Lopez Lydia Summers
Arianna Hentzel Marlena LaRubbio
Ashely Delameter Melina Motwani
Connor Ehmann Miles Reynolds
Danielle Sothen Morgan Russell
Haley Yeary Olivia Ferguson
Hazma Ahmed Olivia Finley
Isabel Castillion Owen Johnson
Isabella Chase Ross Paoletti
Isabella Erhardt Selena Enoch
Jackson Roa Settembrina Lucia
Jacob Friedman Shea Bryan
Jessica Greenberg Sky Meadows
Kate Camara Sophia Maquarrie
Kendall Ayers Summerlyn Chastain
Kiersten Morris Taylor Drewry
Kyle Kwong Tien Dao
Lauren Newell Yara Nasr