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Student Drop Off and Pick Up

When Can Students Be On Campus? 

Students are not permitted to be on campus more than 30 minutes prior to the first bell or 30 minutes after school ends without approved participation in a school sponsored activity, event or practice. While on campus as a participant or as a spectator, the student will remain with the activities sponsors, chaperones, or administration, on campus, in the area specific to that activity. Supervision will only be provided for that event, activity or practice. Students are to be off campus within 30 minutes after the end of any event, activity or practice. Students found in areas of the campus not specific to an event, activity or practice, 30 minutes before school starts or 30 minutes after school ends, will be referred to the Dean’s office and can be subject to consequences in keeping with the VCS Student Code of Conduct.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Parents should be dropping off students at the east gate on Taylor Road. Parents must avoid using the west gate, as not to interfere with bus arrivals and departures. Student drop off is never permitted on Clyde Morris Blvd or Taylor Road. Please be respectful of our school neighbors and do not drive on their grass or go down neighboring streets to drop your student off. 

The student parking lot is accessible via Clyde Morris Blvd and is entry only in the morning and exit only in the afternoons. Students participating in after school activities can be picked up from the student parking lot or the faculty parking lot as long as the event ends at 4pm or later. 

Please drive safely! 

Be sure to follow these safety tips when travelling near schools.

  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. This means stopping when necessary to let a pedestrian cross.
  • Drivers may not pass other drivers stopped at a crosswalk.
  • Drivers must yield even if there are no pavement markings at the crossing.