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Traffic Plan

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Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Parents should be dropping off students at the east gate on Taylor Road. Parents must avoid using the west gate, as not to interfere with bus arrivals and departures. Student drop off is never permitted on Clyde Morris Blvd. 

The student parking lot is accessible via Clyde Morris Blvd and is entry only in the morning and exit only in the afternoons.

Please drive safely! 

Be sure to follow these safety tips when travelling near schools.

  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. This means stopping when necessary to let a pedestrian cross.
  • Drivers may not pass other drivers stopped at a crosswalk.
  • Drivers must yield even if there are no pavement markings at the crossing.

No Drop-Offs at the Front Office

Parents and Students: To further increase safety and wellbeing for our students and staff on our campus, the administration will no longer allow items to be dropped off for students in the front office. This includes, but is not limited to: lunches, money, projects, textbooks, homework, musical instruments, clothing, athletic apparel, sports equipment. etc. While we do understand this may prove to be inconvenient to you and your student, please understand that the security and safety of all our students and staff is our Number One concern. Please review with your student what is needed each day for school in order to stop the need for dropping off materials. We appreciate your understanding and full cooperation.


Check Out Procedure for Early Dismissal

When coming on campus to pick up your student, please follow the new process. All other check out policies still apply.

To check a student out of class please follow these steps:

1)     Park in the visitor parking spaces at the front of the school

2)     Stay in your vehicle

3)     Call the main office (386-322-6272 then press 0)

4)     Give the name, alpha code and grade of the student you are picking up.

5)     Wait for verification. You must be on the approved pick up list for the student.

6)     Once confirmed, the student will be sent to your vehicle with a check out pass.

7)     Exit the campus and present check out pass to the Campus Advisor at the guard house.



All day absences should be called in to 322-6272 ext. 37801 and leave a message.

When a student needs to check out of school before the scheduled dismissal time (2:45pm) the parent must send in a signed note with the following information:


  1. Student’s name and alpha code
  2. Reason for dismissal
  3. Time student is to be released
    1. Parent signature
    2. Phone number where parent can be reached to verify early dismissal.


For emergencies only, you may call the Attendance Office at 322-6272 Ext. 37801


Students need to drop the note off in F-12 before school. All notes will be called for confirmation. After confirmation with the parent a checkout pass will be delivered to the student and at the dismissal time, the student will show the pass to the teacher and may leave the building. The student hands the checkout pass to the Campus Advisor at the gate when leaving the property.

Check out for Early Dismissal ends 30 minutes before the end of the school day. Students will not be called from class after this time.



The following guidelines will assist you with early dismissals:

  1. Early dismissal passes will be delivered to the classroom
  2. Present the early dismissal pass to your instructor if leaving school during class time.
  3. If you return to school, please check back in through the Attendance Office.



  • If you are receiving an early dismissal, you must have a written note signed by a parent/ guardian with phone number.
  • If you are sick, the clinic will call for you.
  • Remember to come by the attendance office for your early dismissal pass.
  • Any student who leaves campus without parent permission or an early dismissal pass is considered truant from school. This includes seniors who do not return to school after lunch.




Checkout passes will not be given to underclassmen to leave at lunch time. A parent must come in to sign the student out.  This rule applies regardless of the reason for the checkout.


In the case of illness, the student is to get a pass from their teacher and go to the clinic. The clinic has its own procedure for checking students out. If your student calls to tell you he/she is ill, please advise the student to go to the clinic.  The nurse will call you and arrangements will be made to release the student.


A parent or legal guardian will be required to show ID and check out a student in the Main Office if a note was not sent to school with the student. Only adults on the student’s emergency card are permitted to check out the student. Depending on the time of day and the location of your student’s classroom this procedure can take up to 30 minutes so please plan accordingly.



No student is permitted to leave the school grounds during class hours unless he/she receives permission from an appropriate school official to check out. Students must have an early dismissal pass with them when leaving campus. Students must enter and exit the campus through authorized entry and exit gates. At no time are students to enter or exit the campus by jumping over fences. The areas on the outside of the campus perimeter are private property. Trespassing on private property could result in legal action.

Failure to follow the correct procedure will result in disciplinary action.




Students are not permitted to be on campus more than 30 minutes prior to the first bell or 30 minutes after school ends without approved participation in a school sponsored activity, event or practice. While on campus as a participant or as a spectator, the student will remain with the activities sponsors, chaperones, or administration, on campus, in the area specific to that activity. Supervision will only be provided for that event, activity or practice. Students are to be off campus within 30 minutes after the end of any event, activity or practice. Students found in areas of the campus not specific to an event, activity or practice, 30 minutes before school starts or 30 minutes after school ends, will be referred to the Dean’s office and can be subject to consequences in keeping with the VCS Student Code of Conduct




DEFINITION OF TARDY: For School Attendance purposes, “A student shall be considered tardy to school when he or she arrives to school after the beginning of the official school day. “ (Student Attendance Policy 206- VCS) However for individual classroom discipline, a student arriving to class after the last bell but prior to seven minutes into the period will be recorded as Tardy for that period.


  1. Anytime a parent arrives at school with a student after the start of the school day, they will check in the Main Office at the front desk. The Attendance Administrator or his/her representative will determine if the tardy is excused or unexcused.
  2. For Students arriving late to school during 1st period, will go directly to the main office to be issued a late pass to class.
  3. All students must be admitted to class upon arrival regardless of time. Students arriving seven or more minutes late will be recorded as tardy in Pinnacle but considered “out of area” for discipline. If “out of area”, the teacher will write a referral, noting the time of the student’s arrival. The teacher, based on the student’s behavior, will then decide whether to allow the student to stay in class that period or be sent to the appropriate Dean’s office.
  4. Students are allowed to be tardy three times to each class without disciplinary action per nine week period. Upon the third tardy to the same class, the teacher will make parent/guardian contact by phone.
  5. When a student is tardy for the fourth time the teacher will write a referral and the Dean’s office

will assign lunch detention.

  1. Beginning with the fifth tardy, the teacher will write a referral for being excessively tardy. The referral will be sent after the class period and student will remain in class.
  2. Once a student has reached a fifth tardy, the teacher has the authority to reduce the student’s “conduct” grade. Lowering a conduct from a “1” to a “2” is not required but will become formal policy. If tardiness becomes an issue, It is highly recommended that parent contact is made every time the student arrives late to any class period.

Campus Visitors

The main gate entrance is the only entrance available between 8:30-3:30 daily. To come on campus you must check in at the front gate and proceed to the main office. Be sure to have an ID with you. 

For events and trainings when school is not in session, you are able to enter the front parking lot from Taylor Road and the student parking lot from Clyde Morris Blvd. 

Directions to Campus

  • Take I-95 to Exit 256
  • Go east on 421 [Dunlawton Avenue]
  • Take a right at the first traffic light - Taylor Road
  • Follow Taylor Road about 3/4 mile
  • Spruce Creek High School is on the corner of Taylor Road and Clyde Morris Blvd [CR 483]
  • Our address is 801 Taylor Road