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Are you looking for help in one of your classes? These are the steps you should take: 

1) Speak with your teacher! Your teacher needs to know that you want more help. If you have a hard time talking to them in class (sometimes it can be difficult to speak up when you need help), you can always send them an email asking when they could help you. The link to all teacher emails is at the top of the page here. Ask your teacher if they have tutoring time or if they know a student who could tutor you. They may also recommend tutoring being offered by another teacher. Be open to all suggestions.

2) Go to office hours! Remember that we have office hours for the 15 minutes before lunch everyday except early release Wednesdays. You do not need an appointment to go to your teacher's room during office hours, just go! Some teachers are available right before school or for a little bit after school too, so it never hurts to ask or stop by to see if they are available for quick help. 

3) Speak to your friends in class! Form a study group to help each other. 

4) Check out the math tutoring being offered by Mu Alpha Theta! Your math teacher has the most updated schedule posted in their room. They tutor during lunch in different math teachers' classrooms. They do offer individual peer tutoring when students are available. You can make a request HERE. Ms. Reyes is the teacher in charge of MAO tutoring. Her room number is G3.

First page of the PDF file: tutoringflyer23-24002

5) If you are struggling with a writing assignment, you can reach out to Ms. Maderas to see if you can be paired with a peer tutor from the National English Honor Society. Her email is 

6) Volusia County Public Libraries provide FREE access to, which is a service that will connect you to live tutors between the hours of 10am and midnight. You can chat online with the tutor or speak with them on your phone or using your laptop.  They can answer questions about a specific problem you have and you can even upload writing assignments for feedback within 24 hours. Volusia County Schools has a partnership with the library, so when it asks for your library card number you can enter your alpha code (with the number and in all caps) and it will log you in if you don't have a library card.  HERE are the directions for how to get set up with a account. Visit, enter your alpha code as the user name, and create an account today! To watch a short video about how this tutoring works, visit HERE

7) Login to your school account to search videos and lessons on all kinds of topics that will help you with your classes. 

8) Check the school counseling website where they are compiling lists of tutoring opportunities HERE!

The most important thing is that you get the ball rolling by asking for help!