Hello parents and students,

We know there is some confusion about the grading guidelines in phase 2 of the instructional continuity plan. The guidelines are intended to alleviate the stress that everyone is experiencing from emergency distance learning by removing the emphasis on grades for 4th quarter. If your family is experiencing hardship due to illness, loss of jobs, mental health concerns, or any other stressor that has been exacerbated by this pandemic, that means that school does not have to add to your stress. Just do the best you can to remain connected and continue learning. As long as you passed 3rd quarter, you do not need to be stressed about 4th quarter. Let your teachers and school counselor know how we can assist you and reach out for resources.

What everyone else needs to know is that school will continue through the end of the school year (which is May 29th). Teachers will be looking for your participation for attendance that will be recorded. They will be hosting virtual office hours and many will continue to check-in with live meetings and/or phone calls home. They will be continuing to prepare you for next year and graduation requirements through the materials already established and some will provide additional materials that will extend your understanding of important concepts or skills. Your teachers are on-line trying to reach you where you are to help you continue to learn. In this crazy time when so many things are changing, we want you to know that we are still here. It will be important for you to continue to do your best because at some point we will all be returning back to normal.

Use this time to focus on learning, not just grades. What an amazing opportunity! How will you use what your teachers are giving you to shore up your math skills to make next year easier? What will you read? What will you dig into about history and science? How are you engaging with your elective classes? Edgenuity and Canvas have the starting point for those adventures in learning, but you are encouraged to dig deeper if you are fortunate enough to not be experiencing undue hardship or stress during this pandemic.

Students will still earn grades for 4th quarter, but your final grade will not be lower than your 3rd quarter grade. That is great news for everyone who had a passing grade 3rd quarter. For students who failed 3rd quarter, you still can fix that grade with your hard work this quarter like you always have. If you failed 3rd quarter and do not earn a C or higher 4th quarter, you will still fail the semester and have to repeat that portion of the course.

Your 4th quarter grade can still pull your semester grade up, just like always. For example, if you had a C for 3rd quarter and earn a B or an A for 4th quarter, your semester grade will go up to a B. This helps with your grade point average. Graduation requirements have not changed with the exception of state testing requirements for the class of 2020. Requirements to remain in academies, to participate in athletics,  and to remain in special programs like IB or AP have not changed and students are encouraged to continue to make academic progress. For our students who are striving for academic awards and honors, your active participation in learning remains very important unless you have extenuating circumstances as outlined above. 

In short, the semester has not finished early, your classes are on-line until May 29th. It is important that you continue to check your school email daily (make sure you look at both “focused” and “other” emails), check Teams for office hours and meetings, login to Edgenuity courses and make progress daily, and access Canvas courses and make progress daily. Ask yourself what you have learned each day! We are proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far. We miss you and look forward to our eventual return to normal, but until then, we know you will keep learning and growing. We do not have answers about locker clean-out and textbook return yet, but we will before the end of the year. For our seniors, we will celebrate you with awards, the wall of fame, graduation, and other senior events soon. Stay focused on the end goal even if it will look a little different. We know this is not the way you envisioned the end of your time with us, but we will make the best of it! Keep working Hawks! We want to finish this year strong.

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