Welcome Back to School! 1st Day Checklist!

July 18, 2022 - August 19, 2022

Welcome Back to School!

The Administration, Faculty and Staff are excited to welcome back all Hawks to the nest and wish to offer a special welcome to our incoming freshmen, the class of 2026! Please look at your schedule on Focus before the first day of school so that you know where to report 1st period. Be on the lookout for administrators in their orange blazers, student volunteers in their matching shirts, and any faculty or staff member on campus if you need help at any point! 

Do You Know Your Schedule?

Directions for Students to Access Schedules (and state test score results): If you are new to VCS or can't login, there will be a table set up in the main atrium with paper schedules. Avoid the line and access your schedule in advance if possible. 

Directions for Parents to Access Schedules: If you need your parent portal pin, please contact Samantha Murray at [email protected]

Schedule Change Requests: If your schedule is missing a class for a period, go to the media center on the first day of school during that period so that the counselors can fix it. For all other issues, please fill out the schedule change request. Students who do not have a class on their schedule all semester because they have DSC classes or virtual classes are expected to be off campus during that time for safety and security reasons. If that will be an issue, make sure to reach out to your counselor to have your schedule modified.

Change of Address Request: Your emergency contact form will come home the first week of school, but you can also fill out this address request digitally. Please keep all information up to date!

Do You Know Where to Go and When to Be There?

Bell Schedule

School Map

Do You Know How You Will Get to School?

Bus Information: If you have questions or concerns, your school contact for bus information is Kelly Slade, [email protected], 386-322-6272 extension 37793, 9th grade office in O-2 (in front of the media center in the 9th grade atrium). 

Parent Drop Off Loop: Note that our outside gates for student drop off and student parking do not open before 7:30am and the doors do not open before 7:50. Please be patient with traffic, especially the first few days of school, and be mindful of pedestrians. 

Student Parking Pass: Before you can park on campus, you need to have the appropriate parking decal. 

Do You Know What You Will Have For Lunch?

Lunch Information: We have one lunch. Students can eat in the cafeteria, main atrium, 9th grade atrium, hallways, or classrooms that teachers invite students to eat in. All students are being provided with free breakfast and lunch this year, but we still need you to fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Application to get other resources like free ACT/SAT enrollment. 

Do You Know What Supplies You Need? 

As a general rule, you will need pens, pencils, paper, and a binder with dividers to keep work in. Teachers may ask for other specific items (highlighters, note cards, folders, spiral notebook, etc.) for different classes. 

Laptop Check-Out: Every student in VCS high schools is expected to have a fully charged laptop with them in class every day. The district has provided devices for students to use or you can use a personal laptop. Freshmen and any student who has not checked out a 1:1 laptop from Spruce Creek High School previously (including incoming freshmen) must bring their permission form AVAILABLE HERE to check out the device. Laptops will be distributed in the media center starting August 1st during normal school hours. Students can also pick up their laptop when school starts when your math class visits the media center for textbook check-outs or anytime before school, during lunch, or after school. The media center is open from 8:00-4:00 once school starts. Please view the district parent guide for more information HERE.   

Textbook Check-Out: Most books are accessible from your laptop inside vPortal or Canvas. If you need physical books, you will come with your math class the first week of school, but you can also check them out anytime before school, during lunch, or after school all year if you decide later you need a physical textbook. The media center is open from 8:00-4:00. Here is this year's textbook and laptop check-out schedule: 

Tuesday, August 16th: IB & Pre-IB Classes

(Budde, Davies, Deamer, Phillips, Taylor) 

Wednesday, August 17th: Algebra 2, PreCalc, MCA, & Statistics

(Davidson, Destaffino, Hughes, Morris, Wofford) 

Thursday, August 18th:  Algebra & Geometry (Regular and Honors)

(Bateman, Hack, Pazienza, Ray, Reyes)

Lockers and Online School Payments: Most items can be purchased online and picked up during the first week of school. The online payment link is HERE

  • Lockers: $10.00 lockers are assigned on a first pay basis. Pick up your assigned number and combo in the Dean's office F-12. 
  • SGA Class Dues: $10.00 (Includes a dress code approved T-Shirt).
  • Yearbook $80.00 (pick up at the end of the year, but buy early to lock-in lowest price)
  • PE Uniform Shorts $10.00
  • PE Uniform Shirts $10.00
  • PE Locker $5.00
  • Laptop Insurance $30.00 (Payment Instructions Coming Soon)

Do You Know What to Wear? 

The district uniform policy is gone, but there is still a Dress Code. The general rules are that garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student to keep you covered up. Shorts and skirts must be at least mid-thigh or below for everyone. No tank tops or bare midriffs on anyone. Clothing must be properly fastened and not have tears. No sleepwear or undergarments visible. Please read the district policy for the full information and come to school dressed to learn.  Hawk wear is always a good idea!  

We can't wait to welcome you back! See you August 15th!