Textbook Checkouts

August 3, 2020 - September 18, 2020

Face to Face tudents will be coming to the media center through their ENGLISH classes to check out textbooks for ALL classes at once. The schedule for check-out is:

Thursday, Sept 10th Juniors and Seniors

Friday, Sept 11th Sophomores

Monday, Sept 14th Freshmen

This year we are encouraging ALL teachers and students to use virtual materials as much as possible because it will make it easier for students to transition to virtual immediately if they need to due to Covid exposure without having to track down textbooks and workbooks they have left in their lockers or classrooms. When checking out books, students walk through the book room and select their own books (while wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing), so they must come prepared knowing exactly what they need. Some courses do not have enough physical books to check out to everyone because only a class set was purchased. These courses include all sciences except biology, the world language textbooks, most elective classes, and some AP/IB texts. Your teacher should be able to let you know if you are able to check out a book and what that book looks like.  

Volusia Live Students

Tuesday, September 15th 

9-11 OR 2-4

Our hope is that the vast majority of Volusia Live students will not need to come to campus to pick up books. Those Volusia Live students who feel they need physical textbooks can check in to the office and come to the media center between 9:00-11:00 OR 2:00-4:00 on Tuesday, September 15th. If you want to pick something else up like a workbook or materials from a teacher, be sure to ask your teacher to leave it in the media center for you to pick it up. You need to know exactly what books you need so that you can select them from the shelves. We will have a record of students who come to pick up textbooks during the day and will enter them as excused absences in Focus for 1st-3rd OR 6th-7th, but please let your teacher know if you will be missing their Live class due to textbook pick-up.

Parents can NOT come back to the media center during school hours, only students. Parents who are unable or do not wish to bring their Volusia Live student to campus to pick up books can email a request for the exact materials you need to pick up to Mrs. Murray at [email protected] and those materials will be taken to the main office for pick up anytime during school hours after September 15th. She will reply when they are available for pick-up. All requests may take up to one full school day to process.  

Students can come to the media center anytime with issues or to return books. The media center handles textbooks all day from 8-3:45 most days all year except when closed for testing or meetings.