Submit Photos for the Yearbook!

March 11, 2021 - April 16, 2021

The yearbook staff needs your photos! It’s a weird year and with so many students off campus and so many activities changed or even cancelled, it has been harder for the staff to get photos of a wide variety of students engaged in a wide variety of activities. Fortunately, everyone has a camera in their pocket and you can share some of those photos directly with the staff. We are currently looking for quality photos of SCHS students engaged in class (whether Volusia Live or Face to Face), participating in hobbies, clubs or sports, at work, with friends, at school events, basically anything that encapsulates your life! Now is your chance to share what you think we should feature! When you upload, it will ask you to tell us what is happening in the photo. Be sure to identify the first and last names of anyone in the photo or we won't be able to use it. Submission does not guarantee that we will use your photos in the book, but we will include as many quality photos with accurately identified students as we can! Visit, select our school, click on community upload and enter hawks2021 to start sharing today!