Volusia Live Technology Check-Out

August 18, 2020 - October 30, 2020

Students who need to check out a device for Volusia Live will be able to come to the main office during school hours (8:30-3:30) to pick up a device. The student will then be sent to the media center to pick up the device so that they can be assisted with login. If the parent comes without the student, they will wait in the office for someone to bring it to them. You must be wearing a mask to enter campus to check out the device. PLEASE AVOID COMING DURING LUNCH HOURS, 12:00-1:45. 

ALL students that are checking out a laptop must sign-in to the laptop before leaving campus in order to be able to use the device off campus, so if a parent is checking out the laptop without the student present, they will need to know the student's login and password for their VCS account or the computer will NOT work when you leave campus. 

A parent or guardian must sign the paperwork for the laptop at check-out. If the student will be coming without the parent or guardian, please bring the paperwork linked below with you. Copies of the paperwork are available in the main office so that the parent can fill it out and send it with the student. Parents can't come past the office during school hours. 

If you are changing to Volusia Live and checking out a device because you may have been exposed to COVID, please email Mrs. Murray at [email protected] for special instructions for pick-up. 

Laptop or Hotspot Checkout Permission Form

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