How to Register for the 1 to 1 Laptop Insurance

We can't accept cash or check payments for laptop insurance on campus. You must register and pay through the MySchoolBucks website. To access the directions with pictures of the different screens, click HERE. 
  1. Go to If you already have a MySchoolBucks account, Log In & skip to Step 10
  2. For new accounts, select Sign Up Free and complete the account creation steps
  3. Once your account has been created, return to the Log In screen and login
  4. MySchoolBucks will require you to verify your email address for security purposes
  5. Once verified and logged in, select Get Started and add Volusia County Schools
  6. MySchoolBucks will require you enter at least one answer to a Security Question (mobile phone number IS optional)
  7. Select + Add Student to add your student(s) to your account (you can add multiple students but will do so one at a time)
  8. Select your child’s school, enter their name, and date of birth (please note Student # is NOT the alpha code, this is the student’s lunch number, it is an optional field and can be left blank)
  9. Select Add Another Student to add additional children, if done adding children, select Finish
  10. From the main page, select Store (you might need to scroll down to find it)
  11. Select Browse All Items
  12. Select Annual Device Insurance Premium icon
  13. Select student from drop down list. If you only have one student to purchase for, select Buy Now. If you need to add additional students, select Add to Cart and repeat the process for the remaining students. STUDENTS ON FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH WILL SHOW A $0 FEE BUT YOU MUST STILL “CHECKOUT” TO BE ENROLLED IN THE PROGRAM
  14. Complete payment on the payment screen. If the dollar value of the purchase is $0, billing information will NOT be requested or required BUT you must hit Continue.
This is annual insurance, so you will need to reenroll each year.