At Spruce Creek High School we believe that learning does not stop when the bell rings. Students are encouraged to take part in any opportunity that helps them become a better student and citizen of the world. One such opportunity is international travel with fellow students. We have a number of teachers who work independently with various educational tour groups to organize travel opportunites for students. MOST OF THESE INTERNATIONAL TRIPS ARE INDEPENDENTLY ORGANIZED WITH OUTSIDE EDUCATIONAL AGENCIES BY TEACHERS AND ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR ENDORSED BY VOLUSIA COUNTY SCHOOLS OR SPRUCE CREEK HIGH SCHOOL. Please reach out to individual teachers with questions and to find out more. Some of the teachers who travel with students include: 


Mr. Martin and Mrs. Martin organize international trips for the High Steppin' Hawk Band and Orchestra to gain experience performing around the world. For more information and to see if there is currently a trip planned, visit Their next trip is scheduled for Dublin to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2022! This trip is limited to SCHS band and color guard students, but incoming 9th grade students can sign up early.


Ms. Shon Duncan, AP history teacher, works with Mrs. Samantha Murray, our media specialist and former English teacher, to take academically minded students on annual summer tours that focus on history, art, culture, and leadership opportunities. They have traveled with students to France, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, England, Switzerland, and Iceland. They choose a different destination within Europe each year. These trips are not school or district sponsored, but are awesome opportunities for any academically motivated students who want to work with a team of students from around the world on a global issue. Because they are independent trips, all students are invited to attend, including students from other public, private, or charter schools in Voluisa County or the surrounding areas if they apply and meet academic requirements. Because space is limited, SCHS students will be given the first chance at enrollment. Any student is welcome to reach out for more information. You can also visit to find out more. 


Ms. Biruta Strauts organizes international trips for language students to German speaking countries to increase their exposure to the language. Her trips are through EF tours and are not school or school district approved or affiliated. For more information about any upcoming trips, please contact her at [email protected] Students are also encouraged to speak with any world language teacher about opportunities because many of them will offer trips periodically. Here is the link for her 2023 trip:


Mr. Josh Platt teaches AP and IB Environmental Studies, so he focuses trips on environmental conservation and service learning, mostly in South America. His trips are through EF tours and are not school or school district approved or affiliated. He will be taking a group of students to Costa Rica in June of 2023 to learn about stabilizing ecosystems through the efforts of community farming. Check it out here: . You can email him for more information at [email protected] 


We have had a number of other teachers who have offered different opportunities in the past. We will update this page with more information as it becomes available. Know that some of these opportunities are school board approved, but most are arranged independently using a variety of experienced travel organizations that focus on educational trips for students. As outlined above, Volusia County Schools and Spruce Creek High School are not affiliated with these international travel opportunities and we do not endorse any particular experience offered by these companies. Speak with the teachers to find out more. Happy traveling!