Spruce Creek High School Administrative Team

Sparger, Todd J. [email protected] 37718 Main Office Principal
Mallory, Beverly A. [email protected] 37706 O-2 Assistant Principal 9th Grade
Bradham, Mark D. [email protected] 37714 Main Office Assistant Principal Curriculum 
Canetti, Alan P. [email protected] 37710 F-12 Assistant Principal Discipline and Facilities
Clark, Kevin D. [email protected] 37805 F-11 Assistant Principal ESE, ESOL, and Discipline
Porter, Wesley H. [email protected] 37724 Main Office Assistant Principal Data and Scheduling
Adkins, Shantell G.  [email protected]  37716 F-12 Assistant Principal Graduation Assurance and Discipline
Rentz, Keshia M. [email protected] 37780 F-12 Teacher on Assignment Discipline
Bennett, Thomas M. [email protected] 37791 Media Center Testing Coordinator
Cappiello, Karie L. [email protected] 37737 Guidance Guidance Director and IB Coordinator

Spruce Creek High School Faculty and Staff

Adkins, Brooke [email protected]  K-40 Visual and Performing Arts
Adkins, Shantell G.  [email protected] F-12 Assistant Principal
Alexander, Heather A. [email protected] M-17 Visual and Performing Arts
Allen, Katherine D. [email protected] G-12 AITR Academy
Arlow, Candis E. [email protected] Main Office Clerical- Principal's Secretary
Ashby, Chandra L. [email protected] Cafeteria School Way Café Assistant
Augat, Astrid J. [email protected] F-02 World Language
Bailey, Barbara A. [email protected] Office CTE
Batten, Krista A. [email protected] O-13 ESE/Consultation
Beatty, Richard B. [email protected] O-13 ESE/ Consultation
Bell, Casey R. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Belle Isle, Jonathan D. [email protected] O-22 English/Reading
Bennett, Thomas M. [email protected] Media Center Testing Coordinator
Bosma, Robert K. [email protected] P-13 & J-12 Visual and Performing Arts
Bossardet, Melissa L. [email protected] M-26 ESE/ Self-Contained
Bowlin, Shelley S. [email protected] G-04 Math
Boyce, Benjamin P. [email protected] C-02 Social Studies
Bradham, Mark D. [email protected] Main Office Administration- AP Curriculum 
Brinkerhoff, Charles E. [email protected] C-20 Social Studies
Browning, Kyle T. [email protected] Varies ESE/ Coteacher w/Davies & Destaffino
Budde, Megan J. [email protected] B-11 Math
Bundza, Kelli M. [email protected] L-01 Science
Busto, Carolyn D. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Butler, Shawne C. [email protected] Varies Campus Advisor
Canetti, Alan P. [email protected] F-12 Administration- AP Discipline and Facilities
Cappiello, Karie L. [email protected] Guidance Student Counseling Office
Chiofalo, Jacob D. [email protected] Guidance Student Counseling Office
Cicciarelli, Jill E. [email protected] Theatre & P-43 Visual and Performing Arts
Clark, Brett M. [email protected] P-10 JROTC
Clark, Kevin D. [email protected] F-11 Administration- AP ESE
Cobb, Heather N. [email protected] B-33 Academy Of Finance 
Conner, Pamela L. [email protected] F-12 Clerical- Discipline
Cooney, Anne M. [email protected] D-03 Science
Cooper, Melissa A. [email protected] L-28 Visual and Performing Arts
Copp, Linda J. [email protected] Main Office Clerical- IB
Cornelius, Keiko [email protected]  Main Office Registrar- extension 37740
Costner, Keith R. [email protected] C-08 Social Studies
Crooks, Debra L. [email protected] Guidance Clerical- Guidance
Cunningham, Janet L. [email protected] B-14 AITR Academy
Davies, Jeremy P. [email protected] B-06 Math
Dawson, Amanda L. [email protected] O-12 English/Reading
Deamer, Shannon M. [email protected] G-03 Math
Decarlo, Mary C. [email protected] Media Center Clerical- Media and Textbooks
Delameter, Kelly L. [email protected] Guidance Student Counseling Office
Delaney, Colleen M. [email protected] C-26 English/Reading
DeStaffino, Patrick B. [email protected] O-32 Math
DiBartolomeo, Pamela J. [email protected] Cafeteria School Way Café Assistant
Duncan, Shon E. [email protected] C-10 Social Studies
Eaton, Michelle M. [email protected] G-01 AITR Academy
Emerson, Ronald P. [email protected] P-10 JROTC
Ernst, Michael F. [email protected] D-02 Science
Esposito, Erin D. [email protected] C-01 English/Reading
Faison, Sharonda [email protected] O-35  ESE/ Coteacher w/ McFarland
Franks, Donald E. [email protected] P-44 & Gym Physical Education
Fuller, Griffin A. [email protected] B-31 Academy Of Finance 
Gallon, Stephon F. [email protected] C-23 Social Studies
Garrett, Debra E. [email protected] P-24 ESE/ Coteacher w/Rager
Gold, Sigrid S. [email protected] Main Office Clerical- Bookkeeper
Gors, Lilly S. [email protected] D-10 Science
Graham, Nicholas [email protected] P-30 Social Studies
Graham, Tamala M. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Grant, Cynthia L. [email protected] P-19 English/Reading
Griffith, Ryan C. [email protected] C-09 Social Studies
Gufford, Patrick W. [email protected] O-33 English/Reading
Guthrie, Kimberlee G. [email protected] Speech Pathologist
Hall, Henderika W. [email protected] O-21 English/Reading
Hamm, Kelvin J. [email protected] N/A Physical Education- Athletic Coach
Harper, Joy N. [email protected] D-05 Science
Harris, Megan L. [email protected] Cafeteria School Way Café Assistant
Harris, Sjohn L. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Henderson, Susan K. [email protected] F-06 AVID
Howard, David L. [email protected] Gym Physical Education
Howard, Lekita R. [email protected] Media Office Literacy Coach
Huff, Shelby R. [email protected] Main Office Clerical- Inventory and Budget
Hughes, Patricia A. [email protected] B-05 Math
Jackson, Andrea N. [email protected] P-20 English/Reading
Janan, Kelly M. [email protected] B-04 Math
Johnson, David T. [email protected] O-15 Social Studies
Johnson, Michael M. [email protected] O-39 Science
Johnson, Thomas E. [email protected] Varies Campus Advisor
Jones, Ella E. [email protected] P-01 ESE/ Parallel
Jones, Wanda M. [email protected] O-20 English/Reading
Keating, Shane A. [email protected] Varies ESE/Coteacher w/Bundza & Gors
Kerney, Linda S. [email protected] D-04 Science
Klein, Michael R. [email protected] M-18 Credit Retrieval Lab
Kohl, Kristian L. [email protected] O-37 Science
Kuiper, Dirk W. [email protected] G-09 Visual and Performing Arts
Leathead, Michele E. [email protected] C-07 English/Reading
Lester, Amber M. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Lester, Ann M. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Lewandowski, Nathaniel J. [email protected] G-06 AITR Academy
Ling, Becky K. [email protected] G-05 AITR Academy
Ludtka, Gregory M. [email protected] P-26 English/Reading
Maderas, Elizabeth A. [email protected] C-13 English/Reading
Mallory, Beverly A. [email protected] O-2 Administration- AP 9th Grade Office
Marracino, Richard R. [email protected] B-07 Math
Martin, Lauren Z. [email protected] J-12 Visual and Performing Arts
Massy, Martin [email protected] F-01 World Language
Mcclelland, Bethany A. [email protected] N-01 ESE/ Self-Contained
McClelland, Cameron S. [email protected] P-44 & Gym Physical Education
McCoy, Jason L. [email protected] Varies ESE/ Coteacher w/Goodrich
McFarland, Brad E. [email protected] O-35 Science
McFarland, Lee O. [email protected] P-37 Social Studies
Mckaig, Shawn P. [email protected] O-11 Social Studies
Meadows, Karen K. [email protected] Guidance Student Counseling Office
Miles, Danyalle B. [email protected] P-15 ESE/ EBD
Miller, Jennifer L. [email protected] P-17 ESE/ EBD
Miller, Joseph T. [email protected] Varies ESE/ EBD
Mitchell, Dorothy R. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Morris, Vonda H. [email protected] B-10 Math
Moskola, Bruno M. [email protected] L-33 Visual and Performing Arts
Mowrey, Martin J. [email protected] L-04 Visual and Performing Arts
Muckelmann, Melissa M. [email protected] F-22 World Language
Murray, Samantha H. [email protected] O-57 Media Specialist
Nelson, Chasity L. [email protected] M-27 eLearning
Nelson, David M. [email protected] L-27 Physical Education
Norfolk, Travis J.  [email protected] Varies ESE/ Coteacher w/Bowlin
O'Connor, Daniel J. [email protected] P-14 ESE/ EBD
Palmer Delanoy, Bailey R. [email protected] P-16 ESE/ Self-Contained
Passamonte, Michele C. [email protected] Varies Campus Advisor
Peacock, Kaitlyn A. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Phillips, Gregory S. [email protected] B-12 Math
Piper, Mary T. [email protected] D-12 CTE
Platt, Joshua P. [email protected] O-40 Science
Plowden, Tony W. [email protected] Varies ESE/ Coteacher w/Hall & W.Jones
Porter, Wesley H. [email protected] Main Office Administration- AP Data and Scheduling
Price, Timothy A. [email protected] Gym Physical Education
Price, Vanessa [email protected] O-13 English/Reading
Pringle, Carol C. [email protected] D-08 CTE
Rager, Paula S. [email protected] P-23 Math
Randow, Michael P. [email protected] E-97 Athletic Director
Rector, Francesca [email protected] C-24 World Language
Redman, Daniel [email protected] J-01 Visual and Performing Arts
Rentschler, Kyle M. [email protected] P-25 Sports Medicine
Rentz, Keshia M. [email protected] F-12 Administration- TOA/Discipline
Reynolds, Amy D. [email protected] Guidance Student Counseling Office
Rocco, Robin R. [email protected] E-31 Clerical- Activities Director
Rohol, Brent [email protected] C-14 English/Reading
Roos, Andrew [email protected] D-09 Science
Roos, Candace E. [email protected] Guidance Student Counseling Office
Rudd, James J. [email protected] M-24 CTE
Sarasua, Cheryl L. [email protected] C-25 World Language
Savitski, David M. [email protected] Varies School Guardian
Seabolt, Ashley L. [email protected] F-04 World Language
Silvey, Christina F. [email protected] Cafeteria School Way Café Assistant
Slayton, Concetta A. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Smiley, Sarah A. [email protected] O-42 Science
Smith, Michael A. [email protected] B-15 AITR Academy
Somereve, Josephine M. [email protected] Main Office Clerical- Front Desk
Sparger, Todd J. [email protected] Main Office Administration- Principal 
Spradley, Lamar D. [email protected] P-08 Social Studies
Starkey, Carie A. [email protected] Cafeteria School Way Café Manager
Stears, Kimberly M. [email protected] B-34 AITR Academy
Stille, Jennifer R. [email protected] Main Office Clerical- Data Office
Stoute, Nicholas A. [email protected] D-01 Science
Strassel, David A. [email protected] P-07 Social Studies
Strauts, Biruta [email protected] F-03 World Language
Sullivan, Lori A. [email protected] Varies Campus Advisor
Swayze, Cara L. [email protected] Gym Physical Education
Tolvo, Elaine A. [email protected] C-22 World Language
Tozser, Hella I. [email protected] F-11 Clerical- ESE
Turick, Sonia E. [email protected] C-04 English/Reading
Turner, Jeannine F. [email protected] Varies Paraprofessional
Turngren, Melanie A. [email protected] O-2 Clerical 9th Grade Office
Undercoffler, Michele M. [email protected] Office ESE/ Consultation
VandenBerg, Joseph M. [email protected] M-03 Visual and Performing Arts
Vera, Erika G. [email protected] Guidance Student Counseling Office
Walters, Malcolm H. [email protected] O-19 Social Studies
White, Tyronn [email protected] Varies ESE/ Coteacher w/ Spradley & Harper
Williams, Avera R. [email protected] O-34 Science
Wilson, Melanie J. [email protected] O-16 English/Reading
Wofford, Stephen S. [email protected] O-31 Math
Wolfson, Stephen P. [email protected] C-11 Social Studies
Wood, Hannah J. [email protected] P-21 English/Reading
Wright, Nicole [email protected] Varies ESE/ Coteacher w/Price