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English and Reading Department Staff List

Belle Isle, Jonathan D. [email protected] O-22 37781 English
Bosma, Daniel [email protected] C-21 77394 English
Delaney, Colleen M. [email protected] C-26 78524 English
Esposito, Erin D. [email protected] C-01 76743 English
Gufford, Patrick W. [email protected] O-33 70189 English
Leathead, Michele E. [email protected] C-07 77067 English
Maderas, Elizabeth A. [email protected] C-13 70192 English
Rohol, Brent [email protected]us P-07 79667 English
Wilson, Melanie J. [email protected] O-16 72036 English
Sprague, Kellie [email protected] O-14 77724 English 
Walters, Malcolm H. [email protected] C-02 76782 English 
Dawson, Amanda L. [email protected] O-12 70102 English/DSC
Hall, Henderika W. [email protected] O-21 78338 English/Reading
Jackson, Andrea N. [email protected] P-20 37773 English/Reading
Jones, Wanda M. [email protected] O-20 73503 English/Reading
Price, Vanessa [email protected] O-13 72579 English/Reading
Wood, Hannah J. [email protected] P-21 77077 English/Reading