Clinic Procedures

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All students must have an Emergency Card with contacts and phone numbers on file in the clinic. In the event of an emergency, parent contact is made with the information on the emergency card. Emergencies happen more often than you think. Without the emergency card and medical consent on file valuable medical care could be delayed.

An ill student must receive a pass from their teacher to go to the clinic during class time or in between classes. A pass is not needed during the lunch period. Because the Nurse is available during the student’s lunch, the clinic is closed during 5th period for the Nurse to take her lunch. Any student who is feeling ill during lunch should not wait until the end of lunch to go to the clinic. Only emergencies will be dealt with in the Dean’s office during 5th period.  All others must wait until the Nurse returns at the end of 5th period.

Emergencies and bleeding wounds will be given priority treatment; otherwise students will be seen in the order that they enter the clinic.

The nurse will make contact with the parent and appropriate arrangements will be made to release the student or send back to class. If it is decided that the student will be sent home, the parent or guardian must come into the main office to sign the student out. Students who drive to school will be released through the nurse’s office after it is determined that the student must be sent home provided the student is well enough to drive. 

Medication such as pain relievers, cold medication, antacid, aspirin (over the counter drugs) will not be given to students without a prescription from the doctor and completed paperwork is on file. Prescription medication as well as over the counter must be brought into the clinic by a parent. Students may not carry any medication on their person. All medication is stored in the clinic and dispensed only by the nurse or designee.  The only exception to this is a doctor’s statement completed student administered medical form.

Students will be allowed 15 minutes in the clinic, during which time parent contact will be attempted. Students must return to class if the school is unable to contact the parent or if it is determined that the student will not be leaving campus.