Creating and Linking a Parent Account to a Student Canvas Account

At Spruce Creek High School, most teachers have a Canvas course to allow students to see work they miss in class. You can view your student's active Canvas courses and monitor their progress by following these directions. This only needs to be done ONCE and you will be able to see your student's courses every year. 

IMPORTANT: FOCUS GRADEBOOK IS WHERE THE CURRENT OVERALL GRADE WILL BE POSTED! While Canvas has a gradebook, most teachers have assignments, tests, and quizzes that are not inside Canvas too. So the overall grade in Canvas is NOT their current grade in the course. It is an overall grade for anything the teacher has assigned and graded inside Canvas. This resource will help you see assignments, but you need to continue to monitor Focus for grades. 

Part 1 Retrieving your Student Pairing Code

1. Have your student log in to Vportal and click on the Canvas tile.

2. Once Canvas is open, there should be a menu bar on the left. Click on "account" at the top of the menu bar.

3. Choose "settings" on the menu that appears. 

4. On the far right you will see a button that says "Pair with Observer." Click on it and a popup will appear with the Student Pairing Code you will need to link your account to your student’s account. If you would like to set up an account for multiple parents or guardians, you will need to click this button more than once to get a unique pairing code for each person you are wanting to have access.

Now that you have the Student Pairing Code, continue to Part 2 to Create Your Account.



Part 2 Creating your Parent/Guardian Account

1. Go on your mobile app store and search “Canvas Parent”.

2. Downloaded the application and open it. Click “Find School” and search for Volusia. Then click “Volusia County Schools – Parents”.

3. After clicking “Volusia County – Parents” you will arrive at a screen like the one below. Click “Create Account”.

4. Fill out all the information requested (including the Student Pairing Code you retrieved in Part 1 of these directions). Then click start participating to finalize your account. Once activated, you will be able to see your child’s work for any class they are enrolled in on Canvas.