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Testing Information

Check Your School Email Regularly for Testing Information!

All students are asked to regularly check their school email. You will receive specific information about tests you need to take sent directly to your email with instructions about when and where to report. Volusia Live and VOL students will also check their Volusia County email for directions. 

Computer Based Test Requirements

1:1 Devices and Testing

Students must come to computer based tests with their 1:1 or BYOT device charged and ready to use to test. PERT does not require anything specific to be installed. For the FSA (ELA reading and writing) and EOC tests (Biology, US History, Algebra, and Geometry), you must have the secure browser installed. Please follow these directions: 

For Personal BYOT Laptops

For a personal device that is not owned by the school, visit and install the browser. You will see the icon on your screen that will allow you to login once it is installed. If you are unable to install the testing software on your device for any reason, you will need to check out a 1:1 device in advance of testing. 

For School 1:1 Laptops

  1. Go to the windows start menu in the bottom left corner and select "Company Portal" (or search for it in the search bar in the bottom left). 
  2. Select "Apps" on the left
  3. Search for FLSecureBrowser and click on it
  4. Click Install. The app will be marked installed when complete. 
  5. Locate the shortcut on your desktop and click it to open it to make sure it works. 

AP & IB Testing Information

2023 AP Exam Dates

Students will receive more details including testing locations and times in their AP classes. For questions, please reach out to our AP Coordinator, Mr. Chiofalo,

2023 IB Exam Dates

Students will receive more details including testing locations and times in their IB classes. For questions, please visit or reach out to our IB Coordinator, Mrs. Cappiello,

2022-2023 STATE Testing Information

What to bring:

Fully charged Laptop & Laptop charger

What to expect:

No cell phones, smart watches, or ear buds will be allowed during testing.

  1. An email will be sent with your testing location and time 
  2. You will arrive to your location at your scheduled time
  3. As you enter your testing location there will be a roster that tells you the seat number you will be testing at
  4. Find your seat, get our your computer and listen to the testing directions


Please note:

If you have not used your computer in a while you will need to turn it on so it can run any updates prior to your test day.


*new*  CLAss of 2023

This is an important message from VCS about changes that may affect your student's standard diploma requirements. The State of Florida has requirements that students must meet to earn a standard high school diploma. Within these requirements, students must meet certain assessment criteria on their 10th grade ELA assessment and their Algebra 1 assessment. If students did not meet the criteria on these initial assessments, they can take an alternative assessment to show they have met the criteria needed to earn their standard diploma.  These alternative assessment scores are referred to as a concordant score.

The state of Florida has proposed a bill amendment that would allow the students who entered 9th grade in the 2019-2020 school year who are expected to graduate this school year to use the previous year's concordant scores to meet graduation requirements. Please note that this proposed bill amendment does not apply to current seniors who will be graduating early because they entered 9th grade in the 2020-2021 school year or later.

While the proposed bill amendment has not passed at this time, we wanted to inform all families of the potential for students to use additional assessments as a means to meet standard diploma requirements. If the bill amendment does pass, we will let you know

Please note that the bill amendment shows a 114 as the concordant score for PERT Math assessment, not a 97 as it had been in previous years

Below are the current concordant scores:

  • SAT EBRW—480
  • ACT Reading/English average of 18 (17.5 rounds up to 18)
  • PSAT/NMSQT Math—430
  • SAT Math—420
  • ACT Math—16
  • Geometry EOC—Level 3 or higher

If the proposed amendment passes, students who entered 9th grade in the 2019-2020 school year would be able to use the following concordant scores:

  • SAT EBRW—430
  • SAT Reading—24
  • ACT Reading—19
  • PERT Math—114

Please use the following link to the proposed bill amendment for more information:

Volusia County Schools wants to be prepared if this bill amendment passes. For this reason, we will offer two additional PERT Math administrations in May that will be exclusively for students who entered 9th grade in 2019-2020 and who need a math concordant score. Schools are already offering PERT Math boot camps to prepare this group of students for the assessment. The two VCS PERT Math administrations will be offered the week of May 1-5 and May 22-26.

May 5th at 9:00am in room O-14- Bootcamp and then testing

May 23rd at 9:00am in room O-14- Bootcamp and then testing

Again, the proposed amendment still needs to be passed for these PERT Math administrations to count as a concordant score for standard diploma requirements. You will be notified if the bill amendment passes and the proposed concordant assessment scores go into effect. 

In addition to PERT Math, students who still need to pass the FSA Algebra 1 EOC will be able to participate in the B.E.S.T. Algebra 1 EOC administration in May.

Students can still use concordant scores from the FSA ELA Retake, FSA Algebra 1 Retake, and SAT School Day. The scores for these assessments have not been provided to the district at this time. 

In addition to the proposed amendment, the DOE has announced that they will now allow Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to take the FAST Grade 10 ELA Reading PM3 assessment. This will provide an additional ELA opportunity for students to meet the Grade 10 ELA testing requirement for standard diplomas.

May 5th at 8:30am in the Gym

If you have any questions, please reach out to Charlene Sozio ( in the Research, Evaluation, and Accountability office.

The software required for the digital SAT will automatically be pushed to all school laptops. For personal laptops or if it does not load on your school laptop, visit to download.

To sign up to take the SAT on a Saturday, visit 

For SAT practice, please visit The practice is linked to your previous scores, so it is targeted to your strengths and weaknesses. 

PERT Registration- 

For more information about taking the test on Daytona State's campus instead and to see sample questions, please visit

ACT NCR Registration-

To sign up for a full college reporting ACT that can also be used to earn a concordant score, please visit the ACT website 

How to Access Practice Tests for EOCs

How to Check Your Score on Parent Portal