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Laptop and Textbook Returns
Laptop Returns

Laptop and Textbook Return

Laptops with chargers and textbooks must be returned in person to an adult in the media center where they will be scanned in immediately and taken off your record or you will be charged for them. All laptops must be returned with the charger or you will receive a $25 obligation. DO NOT leave materials in classrooms, lockers, or anywhere else on campus to avoid costly obligations. Check what TEXTBOOKS you owe by visiting vPortal and clicking on the app for DESTINY.


Seniors who have outstanding obligations will be unable to get their diploma at graduation. Be sure to come speak to us about issues early! When you return your laptops, all stickers must be removed, and you must wipe down the device before returning it with the charger. Lost chargers cost $25.

Monday, April 29th 8:00-3:45 (Last Day Before Testing)

This day is available for you to return anything you do not need through the end of the year. Anything you do not return this day must be HELD until we are able to be open. Remember, the media center is very involved in spring testing.

May 6th-10th 8:00-3:45 (Senior Return Days)

Seniors return all laptops and books in the back hallway of the media center when the front is closed due to testing. This will only be set up these days.

May 21st 8:00-3:45 (Senior Breakfast and Legacy Walk Day)

You can return any materials you still have before or after the Senior Breakfast and Legacy Walk. This is your last chance to turn in materials in time to have your diploma at graduation.


If your diploma is held after graduation due to obligations, you can visit school to clear up obligations and return materials at any point when you come to pick up your diploma.  

9th-11th Grade Students

Whenever the media center is open, we are available for check-outs and returns of laptops all year. All laptops must be turned in for the summer UNLESS you have a summer school class, summer DSC class, or other academic reason you need to keep it. You will receive the same device back, so you do not need to remove stickers unless you are not returning to our school next year. We will need you to put your name on the top of the device with painters’ tape that we will provide. You will need to wipe down the device and return the charger. When cleaning your device, never spray the laptop directly. Spray a clean cloth and use it to wipe it down. The media center will have cleaning supplies for you.


If you are registered for summer school and need a laptop, you MUST come to the media center to renew your device but know that you will need to turn in your device at the beginning of the school year for reimaging.


May 23rd 9th Grade Laptop & Textbook Returns Through English Class

May 24th 10th & 11th Grade Laptop & Textbook Returns Through English Class

May 28th -31st   8:00-3:45 LATE LAPTOP & TEXTBOOK RETURNS

Students are also able to check out up to 10 library books for the summer the last week of school. DO NOT leave for the summer without returning laptops and textbooks. Do NOT leave materials in your locker or on a table or you will be charged for them.


Daytona State Dual Enrollment Books

We will be closed every morning until 5/22 for EOC testing. All DSC books must be returned within 1 week of the end of the semester and we can’t check out new books until you return all DSC books from previous semesters.

RETURN Spring Books (Semester ends 5/9): 8:00-3:45 May 6th-10th (Back Hall)   

CHECK OUT Summer A (Semester begins 5/16): 8:00-3:45 May 6th-16th (Back Hall) 

CHECK OUT Summer B (Semester begins 7/1): Before June 4th or email to schedule a time. All books MUST be checked out before the media center closes for the summer on June 20th.

Graduation 2024

The Class of 2024 graduation ceremony will take place at 7pm on Thursday, May 23rd. Students participating in graduation will need to be at the graduation rehearsal at 12:30pm on Wednesday, May 22nd. For more information about graduation and other senior events, visit the Seniors tab under Student Life.

Media Advisory Committee
Media Advisory Committee

The book challenge subcommittee of the Spruce Creek High School Media Advisory Committee will be meeting in the media center at 6pm on May 30th to discuss the book The 57 Bus. The meeting is open to the public. 

Report Cards
Report Cards

Report cards and midterms are now digital! Students can view and print their reports inside Focus, parents can do the same in Parent Portal. Parents- sign up for an account if you have not yet done so. Easy online directions are available at or call the VCS Help Desk at 386-734-7190. 

US News Rankings
US News Rankings

We are thrilled to announce that Spruce Creek High School has been ranked #1 in Volusia County and #106  in the state of Florida by U.S. News and World Report! That puts us in the top 5% of high schools in Florida and in the top 7% of all high schools in the United States! We have been nationally ranked by U.S. News for over 20 years as we continue our tradition of excellence at the Creek. It’s a great day to be a Hawk!

It's a Great Day to Be a Hawk!
It's a Great Day to Be a Hawk!

Spruce Creek High School is located in Port Orange, Florida, a town of approximately 56,000 residents in 28 square miles. We are one of nine high schools in the Volusia County School District, which serves approximately 62,000 students in a county with approximately 500,000 residents. Spruce Creek High School, established in 1975, has consistently been ranked as one of Newsweek’s Top 100 High Schools in America. We have a graduating class of approximately 600-650 each year. Spruce Creek High School provides students with an opportunity for an International education in a public school setting close to home.


Dear Alma Mater be our guide, reveal to us the way. Then we will stand both proud and strong to learn more day by day. Enshrined in each and ev’ry heart are mem’ries of the year. We glory in thyself apart and lift your name to hear. Oh Spruce Creek High we sing thy praise of feelings that we know. Thy honor, pride, and loving ways, within us we will show. All glory to the mighty Hawks, the orange, the black, the white. With lifted wing we soar above; protect us on our flight.

Spruce Creek Fight Song
Spruce Creek Fight Song


Fly Hawks! High Hawks! Way up to the sky, Hawks! So we can build our dreams.

See Hawks! Free Hawks! Choose what we will be, Hawks! And build a vision supreme. hard......move fast......pitch in.....aim.......reach way out.......and we will win!

Hey Hawks! Play Hawks! Get in there and stay Hawks! And get things going our way....then we'll gain some victory each day. HAWKS! 

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