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Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year, Bethany McClelland! The work that Ms. McClelland does with our modified ESE students is inspiring. She is able to help make them independent young adults who are ready to work and live the lives that they deserve. The families of her students are the biggest testament to the impact she has. She is certainly changing lives with her students. Ms. McClelland organizes and promotes various inclusion activities on our campus to ensure that not just her students, but all students with varying exceptionalities, feel accepted and connected on our campus. We are lucky to have Ms. McClelland represent us as our Teacher of the Year! 

Graduation 2024

Dear Alma Mater be our guide, reveal to us the way. Then we will stand both proud and strong to learn more day by day. Enshrined in each and ev’ry heart are mem’ries of the year. We glory in thyself apart and lift your name to hear. Oh Spruce Creek High we sing thy praise of feelings that we know. Thy honor, pride, and loving ways, within us we will show. All glory to the mighty Hawks, the orange, the black, the white. With lifted wing we soar above; protect us on our flight.

Spruce Creek Fight Song
Spruce Creek Fight Song


Fly Hawks! High Hawks! Way up to the sky, Hawks! So we can build our dreams.

See Hawks! Free Hawks! Choose what we will be, Hawks! And build a vision supreme. hard......move fast......pitch in.....aim.......reach way out.......and we will win!

Hey Hawks! Play Hawks! Get in there and stay Hawks! And get things going our way....then we'll gain some victory each day. HAWKS! 

It's a Great Day to Be a Hawk!
It's a Great Day to Be a Hawk!

Spruce Creek High School is located in Port Orange, Florida, a town of approximately 56,000 residents in 28 square miles. We are one of nine high schools in the Volusia County School District, which serves approximately 62,000 students in a county with approximately 500,000 residents. Spruce Creek High School, established in 1975, has consistently been ranked as one of Newsweek’s Top 100 High Schools in America. We have a graduating class of approximately 600-650 each year. Spruce Creek High School provides students with an opportunity for an International education in a public school setting close to home.

Report Cards
Report Cards

Report cards and midterms are now digital! Students can view and print their reports inside Focus, parents can do the same in Parent Portal. Parents- sign up for an account if you have not yet done so. Easy online directions are available at or call the VCS Help Desk at 386-734-7190. 

Altered Bell
Altered Bell Schedule

Mental Health Trainings

Final two mental health training courses will take place on November 27 & December 4 during an extended 6th period.  The topics include:  Lesson 4 (11/27) Self-Confidence and Lesson 5 (12/4) Exposing the Family to the Effect of Addiction

Bell Schedule for November 27 and December 4

Period 1

8:30 – 9:11

Period 2

9:17 – 9:58

Period 3

10:04 – 10:45

Period 4 (announcements)

10:51 – 11:34


11:34 – 12:09

Period 5

12:15 – 12:56

Period 6 and Mental Health

1:02 – 2:36

Period 7

2:42 – 3:30


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