SCHS Hours (For SCHS Students & Staff ):

Tuesday @ Lunch

Wednesday @ Lunch



Products Offered:

Savings account: You must bring the following to the Spruce Creek Branch or your local Launch FCU brand on Ridgewood Ave:

Your Florida ID (driver's license or any other official Florida Identification) plus your social security card.

If you are under 17, you must have a parent as a joint owner on the account (Age 17 and older students may open a savings account without a parent as a joint owner.)

$5 Deposit.

No monthly service charge/ Online banking is free.


Classic Checking Account:

You may open if you are 16 or 17 and have a parent or legal guardian as a joint on the account (Age 18 and older students may open a checking account without need of a parent or guardian.)

You can get a Debit Card.

No monthly fee or minimum balance/ Online banking and bill-payer is free.

Does not earn dividends.